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Happy Independence Day from FLF

We wish you a great day on our lakes! The last 2 days have seen lots of boating, swimming, skiing, fishing, picnics and fireworks.
This morning's rain was needed but according to my weather app the rest of the day should be dry. The cloud cover will help those of you nursing sunburn.
At 10:00 is the start of Fairmont's fireworks. It is really amazing when viewed from a boat on Lake Sisseton with the reflection on the water.
Have fun, be safe, respectful and pick up trash!
Below is a picture on Sisseton of boats assembling for the fireworks July 2021
Boats on Sisseton 04Jul21

Love our Fairmont Lakes? Do you:

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  • Enjoy sunsets and sunrises? Enjoy our many Fairmont parks that rim the lakes?
  • Like walking by the lake at Cedar Creek and the Hobo Trail? Live on the lake?
  • Enjoy our bald eagles, many other birds and lake side wild life?
  • Enjoy activities such as the 4th of July fireworks or the FLF sponsored fishing tournaments?

The quality, promotion of activities and stewardship of our lakes is the Fairmont Lakes Foundation (FLF) mission.  Explore the lake related information on this website. Attend a monthly, open-to-the-public, meeting.  Check out our fishing and cleanup events, kayak rentals at Gomsrud park and more. We provide a strong voice to authorities advocating for water quality and good fishing. We sponsor projects. A good starting point is “Our Lakeshore Connection” video. Support Fairmont's most valuable resource, our lakes any way you can:  make a donation, become a FLF membervolunteer or visit the online store.

Remember: What is written on the land is read in the water

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