FLF Tour of Bioreactor

Tyler Cowing suggested that he could lead a tour of the Bioreactor and Habitat Restoration project at Dutch Creek. We cancelled the regular FLF June meeting and met at the site, just west of town, for a very informative time with Tyler.

Tyler, Thanks!!!

We learned that the "system" collected water containing nitrates from about 400 acres, drained sediment, passed through a wood chip filter/bioreactor, then a fermenting tank and finally to an out-flow pond before clean water enters Dutch Creek. Run by the U of M, the system is producing some good results but waiting on the bacteria to multiply which may take another 9 months.

Nitrates that encourage the algae in our lakes, disrupting aquatic life and making lakes unpleasant for swimming.

Learn more on the FLF website.
Fairmont Chain of Lakes Habitat Restoration Plan

This is tour is an example of how the FLF can make its meetings more interesting, informative and fun for members and the general public. If you have an idea ranging from a 10-minute presentation to a tour. Subjects could range from how-to, safety, interesting lake related products, bank retention, fishing and fishing gear, etc.

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