Board Members

Fairmont Lakes Foundation new board members are elected at the September meeting each year with a 3-year term.

This year Marlin Wrucke, Jerome Niss and Sherm Kumba retired from the board with many years of service. Thanks!

The 3 openings were filled by James Draper Jr, Cheryl Rippke and Ted Schaefer.

We salute the 2022-23 board of 11!

Jon Omvig – Chairman

Jane Kollofski – Treasurer

Ted Schaefer – Secretary, Webmaster, Membership

  • John Holstine
  • James Draper Jr
  • Cheryl Rippke
  • Matt Moore
  • Steve Myren
  • Mari Myren
  • Mari Phelan
  • Jim Utermarck

We appreciate the time and dedication of the out-going board and continue recognize Mike Katzenmeyer’s 8 years of service as chairman.