Being new to Fairmont, I didn’t know that there was commercial fishing on Fairmont Lakes until someone recently asked me: What’s going on at the south end of Amber Lake? (as if I would know).  Of course, that made me curious. I went to the end of Amber witnessed a big hole in the ice, big nets, bins and a scooper on steroids. There were some frustrated, trapped carp as well.  After speaking with Nate Hodgins at MN DNR, I found out there’s a thriving commercial fishing business in Martin County run many years by local family Hand’s Fish Seining.

According to Nate, this was a very good haul, about 100 tons if you can believe it!!!  It was reported that many semi-trailers were filled. This video link will make you a believer.

Apparently, the carp (bullheads) are sold for human consumption in eastern states. To catch the fish, Hand spreads a 3000′ long net, called a sein, under the ice. The net is designed to let smaller fish through. Hand fishes other lakes in Martin county and parts of Iowa.

Rough fishing 1917 on Budd curtesy of Alden Pohl

Rough Fishing Budd 1917

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