Habitat Restoration and Nitrate Bioreactor project: Good progress is being made by Beemer Companies on the Dutch Creek, Habitat Restoration and Nitrate Bioreactor project in Fairmont.
Watch this drone video: Click here

From Beemer’s Facebook page:

Here’s a sneak peek at our work in progress for the Fairmont Chain of Lakes Habitat Restoration Plan! Keep up the great work team! Chris Frank, Alanna Olson, Levi Kettner, Bryan Poppe
What does the Habitat Restoration Plan consist of?

“The City of Fairmont is partnering with Martin Soil and Water Conservation District, The Fairmont Lakes Foundation, DNR Fish and Wildlife, and the Martin County Conservation Alliance to restore and reconnect two floodplain wetlands along Dutch Creek, which flows into the Fairmont Chain of Lakes. The basins will be restored with adjustable wetland hydrology and seeding with native wetland vegetation. The upland areas will be seeded with native prairie plant species, including local source ecotype, to benefit pollinator species. A diversion weir and cross vanes allowing for fish passage will be installed in the Creek to divert flow into the wetland basins. This will allow for adjustable water levels within the wetland to ensure Northern Pike are able to spawn and to exclude Carp access and spawning.

The project will provide the largest, highest quality spawning habitat within the Fairmont Chain of Lakes Watershed. Previously usable spawning habitat has been degraded due to development, drainage and loss of connectivity of the floodplain wetlands to the Chain of Lakes. Due to loss and degradation of suitable spawning habitat, the Fairmont Chain of Lakes has had a significant decrease in the Northern Pike (Apex Predator) population. This has allowed the Invasive Carp and Yellow Bass populations to grow rapidly. This shallow lake system, located in Southern Minnesota, is a critical part of the Fairmont economy and is a place where many in Martin County, and the region, go to recreate. The fishery has been in decline as it has lost its balance without a healthy Northern Pike population. The DNR would like to improve habitat for native species, and the Northern Pike.

By restoring and reconnecting the floodplain wetlands with the stream and lake, the primary benefit will be the restoration of critical Northern Pike spawning habitat. Intentionally, there will be a host of secondary benefits to restoring these wetlands. Martin County has a heavily studied population of the Blanding’s Turtle, which is on the State’s Rare and Threatened Species Lists. Additionally, this area will benefit other amphibious species, waterfowl and other local wildlife species.”

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