For the month of April, Fairmont HyVee
will send FLF $1 per bag.


At $2.50, these reusable bags are a bargain and help reduce plastic bag use. If you have helped in one of our FLF Cleanup events, you’ll see the number of plastic bags that trash our lakes. So, get several of the bags at Fairmont’s HyVee and use them for everything, such as carrying refreshments to your boat or a picnic. You can even use them at other stores or road trips! Then be sure to fill them up with used plastic bags for the HyVee’s recycling bin in the main entry.


Don’t forget the FLF Bag
Free May 21st

FLF Clean Up Bag

Also reusable, the FLF bags are free at our cleanup events. The May 21st, 8-11:30 cleanup event is set and will focus on Budd Lake. We hope you can help. Boats welcome too. It’s free, so please sign up so we can email you additional details: Click Here






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