On occasion, we come together with other organizations and those who are interested in keeping our lakes and shores clean. August 2019, we gathered at Ward Park. We focused on the shores and waters at the north end of Lake Sisseton, then worked our way north to George Lake.

Volunteers walked along the shore, some came by kayaks, canoes, boats and waders. FLF furnished bags for collecting trash.

People are welcomed to clean up around any lake, but there was only one drop-off site. The city donated a dump truck that held all the junk.

The foundation strives to educate people on their stewardship responsibilities. It’s all about taking pride in the town, asking people to keep their yard clean and to keep junk out of the streets and away from the storm sewers. Whatever is put in the lakes will eventually go out to the Gulf of Mexico.

During previous cleanups around the lakes, a variety of items have been retrieved. Hundreds of tires, TV monitors, computers, vehicles and even a broken paddle boat have been removed.

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