Typically, we come together twice a year with other organizations and those who are interested in keeping our lakes and shores clean. Each cleanup focuses on different lakes or sections of a lake.  Volunteers can walk along the shore, come by kayaks, canoes, boats, or wear waders. FLF will furnish reusable, washable bags for collecting trash.

When: Spring cleanup is May 2023, 8:00-11:30

Where: Gomsrud

Focus: Budd Lake

Printable Detailed Flyer

Why We Need You:
Over the years, at previous cleanups around the lakes, an astonishing variety of items have been retrieved: Hundreds of tires, TV monitors, computers, vehicles and even a broken paddle boat. Mostly we collect many cans, bottles, pacifiers, logs, liter, and plastic of all sorts. Some is accidental and some is intentionally dumped. Some trash, like electrical junk, contributes to drinking water pollution. Our Saturday morning efforts will attack the problem. We hope this will help all Fairmonters focus on clean lakes all year round.

Typical Helpers (hope to see you again):
The City of Fairmont (trash), Pheasants Forever, Martin Cnty Conservation Club, Martin SWCD, Boy Scouts, FFA, 4H, FHS students. Thanks!

Have a Pontoon?
We especially need you to pick up big items and gather trash from walkers, waders, and paddlers for delivery to the city’s truck at Gomsrud.  Half price membership if you bring a pontoon.
(Note, this can be a messy affair, bring a tarp to protect your boat)

Other power boats are most welcome!

Meet Up:
The morning event will start at 8:00 with donuts and beverages at Gomsrud park. Cleanup work ends at 11:30.

Let us know that you are coming!

Please visit our event registration page: https://fairmontlakesfoundation.com/events
There is no cost. Your registration will help us know how many donuts to bring to Gomsrud. 😊
Moreover, it will help us keep you informed of future FLF events and lakes related information.

Sponsorship and Membership:
Believe in the Fairmont Lakes Foundation mission? Consider joining FLF or sponsoring this event:

FLF strives to educate people on their stewardship responsibilities. It’s all about taking pride in the town, asking people to keep their yard clean and to keep junk out of the streets and away from the storm sewers.

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