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More than Lakes…Lakes are the anchor and cornerstone of life in Fairmont. …2023/01/20Educational, Timely Activity2023-01-20 15:06:44
Earth Day Cleanup 2022Earth Day: WORLD CLEANUP DAY Saturday Sept 16th Whether you …2022/09/16Educational, Timely Activity2022-09-16 16:04:09
Pheasants Forever Youth EventLF Participated in Pheasants Forever Youth Event Mari Meyren, Jim Utermarck …2022/09/14Educational, Timely Activity2022-09-14 17:23:31
Omvig-CommitteesNote from Jon Omvig FLF Board Chairman As a follow-up …2022/07/26FLF, Timely Activity2022-07-26 17:59:50
In Memory of Faye DraperIn Memory of Faye Draper The Fairmont Lakes Foundation would …2022/07/26Sponsorship, Timely Activity2022-07-26 17:56:51
Jump In A LakeYou Show Your Lakes Pride With a Little Humor When …2022/07/26Promotion, Timely Activity2022-07-26 17:51:36
PosterThe Fairmont Lakes Foundation brochure has been updated and posted …2022/07/06Promotion, Timely Activity2022-07-06 12:15:08
FireworksHere’s hoping you enjoyed Fairmont’s fireworks this 4th whether it …2022/07/06Timely Activity2022-07-06 11:32:38
FLF Mid-Year 2022FLF 2022 Mid-year Report Jon Omvig, Board Chairman After several …2022/07/03Educational, FLF, Timely Activity2022-07-03 18:12:06
Welcome Summer 2022Welcome in the Summer Fairmont Lakes Foundation, Inc. would like …2022/07/03Educational, Stewardship, Timely Activity2022-07-03 18:07:21
Bio-tour Dutch CreekFLF Tour of Bioreactor Tyler Cowing suggested that he could …2022/06/25FLF2022-06-25 18:48:03
Spring Fishing 22 Wrap UpSpring Fishing Tournament Wrap Up June 4th, 2022 This year …2022/06/07Fishing, Timely Activity2022-06-07 12:15:49
Migratory BirdsMay 14th 2022 is World Migratory Bird Day! Since 1993, …2022/05/14Educational, Timely Activity2022-05-14 10:32:59
Dock RampConcrete Boat Dock Ramp We have a 26″ high retaining …2022/05/03Educational, Timely Activity2022-05-03 16:27:31
EarthDayToday is Earth Day. This is the moment to change …2022/04/22Educational, Stewardship, Timely Activity2022-04-22 12:10:11
Docks are inThis morning I watched the experienced Fairmont workers install the …2022/04/12Fishing, Timely Activity2022-04-12 11:34:24
Love Bald EaglesOne of the greatest pleasures of living on Budd Lake …2022/04/11Educational, Fishing, Stewardship, Timely Activity2022-04-11 10:48:12
Britney’s Fairmont VideosBritney Kawecki maybe Fairmont’s most enthusiastic resident. She believes that …2022/04/06Educational, Timely Activity2022-04-06 13:39:07
Lakes CleanupTypically, we come together twice a year with other organizations …2022/03/27Stewardship, Timely Activity2022-03-27 17:00:14
HyVee Bags Help FLFFor the month of April, Fairmont HyVee will send FLF …2022/03/27Stewardship, Timely Activity2022-03-27 16:52:15
Drinking Water AwardFairmont receives Dave Neiman Source Water Protection Award for large …2022/03/26Stewardship, Timely Activity2022-03-26 14:43:37
Public Midpoint Meeting Le Sueur River WatershedThe Le Sueur Watershed is our neighbor. Perhaps you would …2022/03/17Educational, Stewardship, Timely Activity2022-03-17 15:52:42
Smart SaltingWinter Salt and ice-melt, sand and dirt pollute our lakes. …2022/03/17Educational, Stewardship2022-03-17 15:05:19
Commercial Fishing – Knew??Being new to Fairmont, I didn’t know that there was …2022/03/16Fishing, Timely Activity2022-03-16 20:19:05
Color The Wind – Kites  It was Feb 9th, 2022 when Mari P. talked …2022/03/09Timely Activity2022-03-09 16:58:29
SWIPP December 2021Your local and state government is proactively working to protect …2022/03/09Stewardship, Timely Activity2022-03-09 13:51:49
Photo Press Conservation UpdateThe January 26 issue of Photo Press, called “Martin Soil …2022/02/16Stewardship2022-02-16 13:11:22
What’s up with Yellow BassDuring our FLF 2022 Ice fishing contest this January 29th, …2022/02/12Fishing, Timely Activity2022-02-12 12:36:47
2022 Ice Fishing SuccessFairmont Lakes Foundation (FLF) recently held their 7th annual winter …2022/02/11Fishing, Timely Activity2022-02-11 17:26:51
Icefish vs Ice FishingHaving completed FLF’s 2022 Ice Fishing tournament, it is time …2022/02/02Educational, Ice Fishing2022-02-02 12:30:50
Ice Fishing Tournament UnderwayFirst probable winner weighed in at 10:40 a.m. 150 anglers …2022/01/29Ice Fishing2022-01-29 11:52:48
Most Adorable PictureThis picture is curtesy of Walt at Walts Bait Shop, …2022/01/22Ice Fishing2022-01-22 18:36:18
Ag-Urban Water Quality ForumAg and Urban partners unite to address Minnesota’s water quality …2022/01/22Stewardship2022-01-22 16:45:50
Mike Describes FLF MissionMike Katzenmeyer provides a description of FLF’s mission and history …2022/01/22Educational, Stewardship2022-01-22 15:17:08
County awarded grant for watershedOn Tuesday the Martin County Commissioners learned the county was …2022/01/21Stewardship2022-01-21 15:12:56
Pond Hockey and Ice SkatingThe Fairmont Youth Hockey Association does a great job of …2022/01/09Affiliate, Hockey2022-01-09 17:27:35
Ice Fishing Practice!With FLF’s Ice Fishing tournament nearly here on January 29th, …2022/01/08Ice Fishing2022-01-08 14:15:39
City Council: WatershedInteresting Lake related meeting, good data and speakers. Video and …2022/01/01Educational, Stewardship2022-01-01 11:42:20
Dutch CreekHabitat Restoration and Nitrate Bioreactor project: Good progress is being …2021/12/10Stewardship2021-12-10 14:34:27
Ice On Lakes Dec 8 2021On Dec 8th 2021, ICE has formed completely across Budd …2021/12/09Ice Fishing2021-12-09 13:19:06
Glows Parade Nov21It was an outstanding 2021 Glows Parade in Fairmont. FLF …2021/11/22FLF Participation2021-11-22 14:50:07
2020 Fairmont Lakes Foundation Membership LetterGreetings from the Fairmont Lakes Foundation, Inc; We would like …2020/08/25Stewardship2020-08-25 21:10:18
Fall Fishing Tournament RulesThis is a catch/release tournament. All fish should be kept …2020/08/08Tournament Rules2020-08-08 16:14:52
Our Lakeshore ConnectionOne of the key missions for FLF is to protect …2020/08/04Educational2020-08-04 17:51:54
Fall Fishing Tournament | Sept. 26, 2020WHAT, WHERE, WHEN… Fairmont Lakes Foundation is holding the Annual …2020/08/02Fishing2020-08-02 21:52:25
Thank you for registering!You have registered for the Ice Fishing Tournament to be …2019/12/03Fishing2019-12-03 11:29:11
Annual Meeting – September 10, 2019FLF Annual Meeting will be held  Tuesday, September 10th at …2019/08/24FLF Meetings2019-08-24 12:50:32
MN Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center News – March 12, 2019Dear MAISRC supporter,Thank you for your interest in and support …2019/03/13Stewardship2019-03-13 09:55:26
Where does all the salt go?From: Nels Paulsen, Conservation Minnesota, Policy Director When we see thawing …2019/03/13Educational, Stewardship2019-03-13 09:45:40
Annual Spring Fishing TournamentMay 18, 2019  |  7am-3pm Rules meeting May 17, 2019 …2019/02/24Fishing2019-02-24 12:09:56
Boat and water safety educationOnline course Complete the online boating safety course Boat Minnesota  to receive …2019/02/13Stewardship2019-02-13 10:21:30
Kayak RentalsKayak Rentals NOW AVAILABLE! 5 single kayaks  |  1 two …2018/07/23Kayaks2018-07-23 13:45:23
Ice Fishing Tournament Gallery2022 – Winners List 2019 Ice Fishing 2019 Winners – …2018/02/08Ice Fishing2018-02-08 16:30:55
Paddling Safety Tips – MN DNRBefore you go Let someone know where you are going, …2017/05/09Educational, Safety2017-05-09 13:38:42
Ice Safety2017/01/19Safety2017-01-19 15:47:12