Love our Fairmont Lakes? Do you:

  • Fish, boat, or swim in the lakes? Drink lake water? Benefit from business related to lake activity?
  • Enjoy sunsets and sunrises? Enjoy our many Fairmont parks that rim the lakes?
  • Like walking by the lake at Cedar Creek and the Hobo Trail? Live on the lake?
  • Enjoy our bald eagles, many other birds and lake side wild life?
  • Enjoy activities such as the 4th of July fireworks or the FLF sponsored fishing tournaments?

Water quality, promotion of activities and stewardship of our lakes is FLF’s mission.

An annual membership it good from Jan 1st and until the following Dec 31 of the current year regardless of when you join.

However. If you become a member in Fall of 2022, you membership will not expire until Dec 31, 2023. So….

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Remember: What is written on the land is read in the water