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  • Earth Day Cleanup 2022 September 16, 2022
    Ted Schaefer
  • Pheasants Forever Youth Event September 14, 2022
    FLF Supports Pheasants Forever Youth Event Aug 27
    Ted Schaefer
  • Omvig-Committees July 26, 2022
    Note from Jon Omvig FLF Board Chairman As a follow-up to my message from last month-volunteer opportunities with FLF are abundant, and I am asking everyone in our community to consider lending a hand. The opportunities are broad and range from simply joining FLF to becoming a board Member. Our committees are becoming better staffed, […]
    Jon Omvig
  • In Memory of Faye Draper July 26, 2022
    The Fairmont Lakes Foundation would like to thank the family of Faye Draper for donations received in her memory. 
    Ted Schaefer
  • Jump In A Lake July 26, 2022
    You Show Your Lakes Pride With a Little Humor
    Ted Schaefer
  • Poster July 6, 2022
    Fairmont Lakes Foundation Brochure as poster and download
    Ted Schaefer
  • Fireworks July 6, 2022
    Hoping you enjoyed Fairmont's fireworks this 4th
    Ted Schaefer
  • FLF Mid-Year 2022 July 3, 2022
    FLF Mid-Year Report 2022
    Jon Omvig
  • Welcome Summer 2022 July 3, 2022
    Welcome in the Summer, MJK
    Mike Katzenmeyer
  • Bio-tour Dutch Creek June 25, 2022
    FLF Tour of Bioreactor Tyler Cowing suggested that he could lead a tour of the Bioreactor and Habitat Restoration project at Dutch Creek. We cancelled the regular FLF June meeting and met at the site, just west of town, for a very informative time with Tyler. Tyler, Thanks!!! We learned that the “system” collected water containing […]
    Ted Schaefer