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  • Omvig-Committees July 26, 2022
    Note from Jon Omvig FLF Board Chairman As a follow-up to my message from last month-volunteer opportunities with FLF are abundant, and I am asking everyone in our community to consider lending a hand. The opportunities are broad and range from simply joining FLF to becoming a board Member. Our committees are becoming better staffed, […]
    Jon Omvig
  • In Memory of Faye Draper July 26, 2022
    The Fairmont Lakes Foundation would like to thank the family of Faye Draper for donations received in her memory. 
    Ted Schaefer
  • Jump In A Lake July 26, 2022
    You Show Your Lakes Pride With a Little Humor
    Ted Schaefer
  • Poster July 6, 2022
    Fairmont Lakes Foundation Brochure as poster and download
    Ted Schaefer
  • Fireworks July 6, 2022
    Hoping you enjoyed Fairmont's fireworks this 4th
    Ted Schaefer
  • FLF Mid-Year 2022 July 3, 2022
    FLF Mid-Year Report 2022
    Jon Omvig
  • Welcome Summer 2022 July 3, 2022
    Welcome in the Summer, MJK
    Mike Katzenmeyer
  • Bio-tour Dutch Creek June 25, 2022
    FLF Tour of Bioreactor Tyler Cowing suggested that he could lead a tour of the Bioreactor and Habitat Restoration project at Dutch Creek. We cancelled the regular FLF June meeting and met at the site, just west of town, for a very informative time with Tyler. Tyler, Thanks!!! We learned that the "system" collected water containing […]
    Ted Schaefer
  • Spring Fishing 22 Wrap Up June 7, 2022
    Spring Fishing Tournament Wrap Up June 4th, 2022 This year Fox Lake Conservation League (FLCL) partnered with Fairmont Lakes Foundation (FLF) for the annual “Chain of Lakes Open” at Gomsrud Park. Kicking off at 6:00 am with 21 teams, it was cool with a little drizzle. Fox Lake's Jim "Polebender" Miller said those conditions improved […]
    Ted Schaefer
  • Migratory Birds May 14, 2022
    World Migratory Bird Day! Dim the lights!
    Ted Schaefer