Spring Fishing Tournament Wrap Up
June 4th, 2022

This year Fox Lake Conservation League (FLCL) partnered with Fairmont Lakes Foundation (FLF) for the annual “Chain of Lakes Open” at Gomsrud Park. Kicking off at 6:00 am with 21 teams, it was cool with a little drizzle. Fox Lake’s Jim “Polebender” Miller said those conditions improved fishing. He was right. The biggest walleye was 3.92 pounds and the biggest panfish was a 0.93 pound crappie. In total 235 fish were caught weighing 186.6 pounds.

The event started with a Friday night rules meeting. The next morning at 6:00 a.m. boats arrived at Gomsrud and were inspected. Coffee and donuts were available. Jim Miller ran a very professional tournament helped by Nathan Amborn, Jon Omvig, Jim Utermark, Ted Schaefer and Mike Schmid. Jim Utermark arranged a late pork paddy lunch that tasty and highly appreciated.

Click here for detailed results

Keep this event in mind for next year!

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