Jon Omvig

A Note From Our Chairman

As a follow-up to my message from last month-volunteer opportunities with FLF are abundant, and I am asking everyone in our community to consider lending a hand. The opportunities are broad and range from simply joining FLF to becoming a board Member.

Our committees are becoming better staffed, and initial activities are being developed. The following is a list of committees, and the members leading them. Please feel free to reach out to any of the leaders and indicate where you would like to help.

Water Quality– Mari Myren, Steve Myren, Jon Omvig
Conservation/Shore protection and Vegetation– Mari Myren, Steve Myren, Mike Katzenmeyer (assisted by Tyler Cowing and Jesse Walters).
Liaison/Partnerships-Jon Omvig/Mike Katzenmeyer
Fishing Tournaments-Jim Utermarck
Fish Stocking– Jim Utermarck, Marlin Wrucke, Jon Omvig
Signage/Boating (safety education)
Kayaks-Ted Schaefer and Mari Phelan
Membership and Communication– Ted Schaefer, Matt Moore and Mari Phelan

Our initial list of activities considered for the remainder of 2022 and 2023 have included the potential to fund a “prespawn” bluegill stocking next spring; pursuit of grant opportunities for vegetation establishment; select upstream bank stabilization; aquatic invasive species control; and improved signage at parks and lake access. We appreciate your input on these ideas and welcome your participation on any committee.