Fairmont Lakes Foundation

About the Foundation

Our general purpose is to lead and educate our community of the need to take responsibility for the quality and care of Fairmont’s lakes, and to increase awareness of the need to preserve and enhance the value of these resources. Simply states, our goal is to:

Enhance the quality of the Lakes within Fairmont
Increase awareness of the lakes
Preserve the quality of these resources

We strive to bring you a useful and interesting website full of information to help guide you around our lakes, have fun learning a little history and help us all understand our responsibilities for our waters.

Fairmont Lakes Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization formed to promote the stewardship of our city’s lakes.

Typical Projects

  • Spring fishing in partnership with Fox Lake Conservation League. 
  • Spring Lake Cleanup.
  • Ice Fishing with a new yellow bass category
  • The kayak/paddle board station at Gomsrud.
  • Our 5-year plan includes stocking sunfish, supporting education of shore owners to plant vegetation and discourage clear cutting.
  • Phase 3 of Muskie – October 2021.

Board Members

Fairmont Lakes Foundation new board members are elected at the September meeting each year with a 3-year term.

FLF Meetings are open to the public and are the 2nd Monday of each month at Southern Minnesota Education Campus, Room 112, 115 S Park St, Fairmont, MN

Jon Omvig – Chairman   |   Jane Kollofski – Treasurer

John Holstine, James Draper Jr, Cheryl Rippke, Matt Moore, Steve Myren, Mari Myren, Mari Phelan, Jim Utermarck

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